USRA Construction is a full service property management company that works in direct unison with Metro Development Company and US Realty Associates, Inc. to ensure that our clients receive outstanding and comprehensive service. Our team of highly trained professionals offers a variety of diverse experience and expertise to every project with our in-house engineering, construction, legal and accounting departments.


  • Preliminary routing and site investigation
  • Field development and screening studies
  • Mapping, layouts and geographical information
  • Selection of codes and standards
  • Environmental impact and risk assessment
  • Value engineering
  • Township and governing agencies liaison
  • Planning, scheduling and logistics management


  • Identifying project objectives, setting performance requirements and selecting project participants
  • Coordinating the utilization of labor, materials and equipment while ensuring the most cost effective terms
  • Oversee construction projects from start to finish
  • Perform periodic inspections and routine maintenance
  • Perform tenant build-out, repairs and maintenance
  • Obtain any necessary permits or building certifications


  • Preparation and review of lease agreements, purchase agreements, conveyance documents, financing documents, escrow instructions and other related documents
  • Assist in real estate development, land use, governmental and zoning laws
  • Landlord/tenant relations


  • Rent collections, detailed rent rolls and collection reports
  • Preparation of income and expense statements
  • Tenant accounting and screening
  • Processing of accounts payable and receivable
  • Month end accounting and reconciliation
  • Management reporting and financial analysis

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